How to Get Rid of Kimchi Smell – 7 Surefire Ways!

Kimchi smell can be quite pungent and overwhelming for people who are not used to its distinct aroma. In addition, the scent can spread throughout the house, making it difficult for non-Korean friends or family members to be around. Here are a few easy-to-follow actionable tips on how to prevent and remove kimchi smell in every environment.

How to keep kimchi smell out of the fridge?

Preventing a smelly fridge with tightly sealed containers or plastic bags

Wrap the kimchi tightly with a plastic bag or a sealed container. Ensure that kimchi juice does not drip and spill all over the fridge. If you use a plastic bag, make sure to use one with a quality Ziploc. Consider placing your kimchi in the separate vegetable compartment of your fridge. As the smell can easily get absorbed by other food items in your fridge, such as cheese and meat products, it is best to cover them as well.

Remove kimchi smell with ground coffee beans.

Coffee not only peps you in the morning but also helps to eliminate the lingering smell. Coffee contains nitrogen which neutralizes odors. You can use freshly ground coffee or used-ground coffee. Place them in a small bowl inside your fridge and let them sit overnight. Replace the grounds once every week or whenever you notice new smells.

Apply a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to spills

Baking soda and white vinegar contain potent ingredients that eliminate smells without the use of chemicals. Mix one cup of baking soda and three tablespoons of vinegar into a container. The chemical reaction between the two ingredients will emit carbon dioxide and get rid of the odors.

Use activated charcoal

Activated charcoal removes the kimchi smell by absorbing gases and moisture from the air. You can buy activated charcoal tablets or packets at a natural health food store. Place them in a small bowl inside your fridge overnight, and replace them as needed until the smell disappears completely.

Some additional tips to fix smelly fridges

How to get rid of the kimchi smell in a jar?

Wash the jar with soap and water, and make sure all the leftover kimchi is taken out. Afterward, soak the kimchi jar in saltwater for about an hour and dry it with a paper towel or rice sack to absorb any remaining kimchi water.

For kimchi that has been left for a long time and has a solid odor, you might need to repeat the steps. Once the jar smells like kimchi no more, you can fill it up with tap water and soak it overnight to clean it thoroughly.

If you want to use the jar for a new batch of kimchi, sterilize it thoroughly using boiled, hot water!

How to get rid of kimchi smell inside your house

Ventilate your room.

Start by opening up all windows and doors for a couple of hours and run the air conditioner or fan to remove the smell. You can also spray air-freshener around the house. The smell will eventually go away.

Wash all the surfaces.

Wash down any kimchi-stained surfaces with a mixture of water and vinegar. In addition, give extra detail to the kitchen. Make sure to get around the range (stove) and any area where kimchi stains could hide. It will help reduce the smell.

Get a scented candle.

Scented candles can effectively eliminate odors in the house. It is also refreshing and calming. Light any scented candle you like and leave it for about an hour to eliminate the kimchi smell in the house.

Does eating kimchi give you bad breath?

As any other fermented food, the smell from kimchi is just as strong and pungent as its taste. It is also typically made with a fair amount of garlic or fish sauce. Therefore, it results in giving lousy breath. If you are concerned about kimchi’s effect on your breath, you can rinse it down with mouthwash or chew gum after eating.

The kimchi smell is complex to get rid of, but it doesn’t have to be. The tips shared in this post should help you remove kimchi smells from your fridge, jar, or house without too much trouble. However, if the kimchi odor has permeated into other parts of your home, consider using activated charcoal tablets or packets for a quick fix. With these simple tricks and easy solutions, getting rid of the kimchi smell won’t be so hard after all!

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