Kimchi Fermentation Time Calculator

Making kimchi is rather counterintuitive. This calculator can be used to identify the minimum fermentation time. It was developed using several studies on factors influencing the fermentation rate, as well as personal experiments using this jar

Simply answer the following questions 🙂

Added sugar
Sweet fruits
Glutinous rice flour
Garlic or green onions


Very little (2.25 % sodium)
Average (3.5 % sodium)
Salty (5.0 % sodium)
Very salty (7.0 % sodium)

5°C (Fridge)
14°C (Wine cellar)
20°C (Room temperature)
30°C (Hot)



  • The fermentation rate depends on dozens of factors, such as pH, salt content, sugar content, type of starters used, quality of the ingredients, the ratio of various ingredients, fermentation temperature, burping frequency, and more. 
  • If you want to go down the rabbit hole of optimal kimchi fermentation, check out this 1987 study and this 2003 review.
  • Don’t confuse it with shelf-life. The suggested duration is the time required until the kimchi starts to develop that signature taste. However, it will be edible for much longer than that. 

About this calculator

This calculator can be used for free. Leave a comment down below, if you: 

  • Have ideas for other helpful calculators and tools.
  • You would like to obtain the rights to the calculator.
  • Need a similar, custom one made.

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